DeFi & NFT Metaverse Token

DeFi & NFT Metaverse with Rovflection & Staking

Rover is a DeFi & NFT metaverse complete with markets, funds & games platform with community created worlds & chains in a decentralized metaverse.

Rover tokenomics offers Rovflection (token rewards per transaction) and staking with auto compounding hodl APY rewards and no impermanent loss.

Rover therefore combines both the best of platform revenue & tokenomics.

RTR — Rover Tx Rewards Token

With every transaction:

  • 5% Rewards to every holder wallet by increasing a global multiplier
  • 10% Sent to DEX as ownerless (rug-proof), locked liquidity

Pico Cap < $18K MC at Launch

0.1% of tokens will be on DEX at a circulating market cap below $18K

100% of the tokens FDV would therefore be $18M, but this supply wouldn’t be reached for a minimum of 2 years.

The price rises quickly but only with purchase activity, which automatically & simultaneously increases rug-proof ownerless locked liquidity on DEX.

Read on through the Launch section at bottom for more details.

Token Utility

As new DeFi projects follow current trends, many tend to sputter out quickly, failing to solve the all-important equation:

Value = Platform * Tokenomics

Both factors are necessary for value, beyond hype.

Tokenomics that pay users, and add liquidity with every transaction, have been very successful. This model is often called “RFI Static Rewards”, or “Rovflection” tokenomics. Examples include FEG, Safemoon, and many others. This model is a proven way to build & maintain significant value. However, many such tokens don’t apply any other value or revenue generating platform.

Projects with revenue often use inferior tokenomics lacking both hodl rewards with no impermanent loss, and automatic liquidity growth. This leads to pump-and-dumps, rug pulls, and low liquidity.

Rover RTR token utility is a product of platform revenue & tokenomics.


Ready at Launch:


  • Automatic wallet rewards & liquidity locking per transaction
  • Supply-Split between LGE & APY to pressure price growth with APY
  • Buy-Split between LGE & DEX to pressure liquidity growth with price
  • APY time rewards with no impermanent loss
  • Fetch Swap — Meta DEX with 1 click to buy-split, stake, & compound


Ready at Launch:

FetchSwap: novel meta-DEX, LGE & APY mechanics

TokenHunt funds (integrating Chainlink & partnered with CoTrader)

NFT suite: community generated collections & marketplaces

Coming next:

DeFi meets FetchNFTs: manual & algorithmic investment funds for NFTs

RoverGib: lending, money markets, stables, & synthetics: integrates maker, mirror, aave, compound, synthetix & fuse

RoverHouse: yield aggregator

Coming later:

Rover chains — high throughput proof of stake EVM with zk-rollups

Final Form:

RoverLand: total integrated DeFi, NFT & chain metaverse weaver

Community Driven

ROVER 100% Community Driven. Ownership of the contract and liquidity locked in DEX will be renounced and proved. There will be no team wallets, ensuring a completely fair launch. To further protect against dumping, no wallet will be allowed to hold more than 0.5% of all RTR tokens.

APY Hodl Compounding

Automatically earn APY from day 1 when buying RTR via RoverFetch & keep compounding it the longer you do not withdraw or sell.

No impermanent loss (IL)

Single sided staking means no IL. Liquidity still grows at 10% of every tx.

Liquidity Generation Event (LGE)

DEX liquidity is increased at every transaction, with additional liquidity being added when tokens are purchased using Rover Buy-Split, which rewards the buyers with tokens from the LGE — Liquidity Generation Event. The founding team continues to be incentivized not by dumping team tokens, but by rather maintaining high buy-volume and earning a percentage of the revenue from the LGE. Every token holder also gains rewards from every transaction along with more ownerless locked-liquidity in DEX.

Fetch Swap — Meta DEX

ROVER’s Fetch feature will take care of everything for users in one click. Simply send BNB and Fetch will swap it for RTR (automatically setting the correct reduced slippage).

Fetches first acquires RTR at the best price by splitting the buy from DEX (such as Pancake) and our LGE, to reduce slippage while automatically adding ownerless rug-proof locked liquidity to DEX, staking (single token staking with no impermanent loss), and auto compounding hodl APY for you. Fetch must be used to stake for APY, to ensure liquidity growth quickly with price.

Token Metrics

50% burned from 1Q down to 500T (similar to Shib)

All team tokens burned

Launch Mechanics

0.1% of tokens will be on DEX at a circulating market cap below $18K.

Supply-split releases tokens at a 50/50% split from LGE/APY pools.

Buyers can only earn APY when buying tokens using Fetch Swap meta DEX which will use Buy-Split to increase both price and liquidity, before staking for APY, and rewards can be claimed after 1 month of staking, though initial deposits can be removed at any time. This ensures supply doesn’t grow wildly following launch.

Buy-Split, The DAO is initially set to split buys at 50/50 from LGE/DEX. This even split will allow both price & liquidity to grow very quickly immediately following the launch, so tokens from launchpads & APY in the following months will have only minimal effects on the supply in the quickly growing DEX locked liquidity. The split is set to shift to 20/80% shortly after launch, so token price can grow even more quickly relative to supply.

As it may be difficult to be the first to obtain RTR tokens at this market cap,

some RTR may first be made available via selected launchpads.

DAO receives 2% of transactions to vote on usage.

Science & Charities funding is the initial proposed focus:

  1. Charities: K9 shelters and direct payments for rescue operations
  2. Science: Geometric Unity & fundamental physics to help us Rove
  3. Additional dev or burns

A more comprehensive delve into the Rover launch mechanics:

RGFL — Revenue Generating Fair Launch:


Further platform details:

Follow launch news on our social channels listed at



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