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Platform in more Detail

As Defi & NFTs continue their meteoric rise in the world with the now sprawling metaverse, more rich and complex financial tools are becoming available to the everyday user. While access to these tools is invaluable, the complexities facing each user act as a deterrent, which ultimately slows down the momentum of the Defi movement. What if a platform empowered all facets of today’s vast DeFi-scape to maximize profits, all with minimal time and effort? What if you could integrate & generate metaverse worlds with the entirety of DeFi, NFTs, and more? ROVER unifies the entire DeFi/NFT revenue model in one single coin, and streamlines the process down to a single click. With ROVER, users benefit from the entire DeFi NFT metaverse.

Welcome to RoverLand — NFT Metaverse

The current explosion of NFTs in the marketplace has created the first real gateway between mainstream everyday people and the heretofore esoteric and somewhat self-enclosed world of decentralized finance. With this comes unprecedented potential for growth in DeFi, as capital floods into the space from new outside sources. RoverLand NFT Metaverse creates the bridge which allows users to bring their NFTs seamlessly across a metaverse of dapps and into the DeFi space and put them into play as valuable financial assets via the many facets of ROVER, while also providing its own Marketplace, game platform, and original user generated NFTs.

Innovation Stack

Rover handles all the many aspects of DeFi under one umbrella required that we build DeFi & NFT funds & games platform, partnership program, exchange, money market, yield aggregator, and more. We called this ambitious project our Innovation Stack.

The RTR token — Rover TX Rewards token — rewards holders in two ways:

Wallet rewards: for every transaction with 5% of the transaction value reflected as rewards directly in their wallets. This works by increasing a multiplier in every wallet.

Ownerless locked liquidity: 10% per transaction adds to liquidity


Rover Transaction Rewards:

10% goes to DEX liquidity.

5% goes to every RTR holding wallet by increasing a token multiplier.

Stake: automatic single-token staking with no impermanent loss.

Compound: hodl auto compounding APY.

Hunt ROI: Benefit from DAO strategies on a metaverse of DeFi & NFT funds.

RoverSwap — Partners Welcome

Our very own DEX, RoverSwap integrates the power of Uniswap and Pancake with our innovative Partners Program, incentivizing a flow of long-term liquidity and profit to contributing partners and users. This program incentivizes growth of the Rover ecosystem through an enthusiastic community of Defi Partners.

Token Revenue Share

When you list your coin on RoverSwap, you essentially become a partner. The 0.05% transaction fees are split between Rover and the partnering coin, allowing partners to offer APY to users in Rover, and share in Rover’s earnings.

Platform Revenue Share

Buy & stake x% of Rover to redirect x% of Rover’s platform revenue.


50% of contributor earnings goes to Rover. The contributor can have its own LD. Rover helps with operations.

Rover’s Partners Program extends across our entire Innovation Stack

RoverHouse — Yield Aggregator

ROVER’s vault strategies automate maximum yield using RoverHunt strategies. New hunting strategies are voted into RoverHouse by ROVER token holders, thus incentivizing holding positions and increasing demand for ROVER.

RoverDao — Governance

ROVER is being created to uphold the principles of Defi. Holders of the ROVER token thus become part of the decentralized governing organization RoverDao, which makes decisions on behalf of the protocol.

Science & Charities funding is the initial proposed focus:

  1. Charities: K9 shelters and direct payments for rescue operations
  2. Science: Geometric Unity & fundamental physics to help us Rove
  3. Additional dev or burns

RoverGib — Borrow/Lend

Rover’s Money Market protocol RoverGib expands the playing field to include borrowing and lending on a myriad of DeFi assets. Like Fuse, Aave, Maker, and Compound, RoverGib creates markets for various assets. Lenders earn interest on otherwise idle crypto assets, while Borrowers can take out collateralized loans or employ flash loans for various positioning and leveraging strategies. RoverGib also becomes the first pillar in a substack of platforms which facilitates complete integration of assets, commodities, NFTs and more.

ROV-flection — Mirror Maker & Synthetics

Whereas Money Markets are somewhat limited in the types of assets that can be exchanged or borrowed against, ROV-flection expands opportunities by taking in more inputs and offering more outputs, such as synthetics, mirror derivatives, inverses and commodities.

RoverChains — ZK Rollups Chain

RoverChains integrates the RoverLand & TVL to its own ZK rollups EVM to bring a superior experience for users with high throughput, privacy & low fees for high demand DeFi & NFT markets and platforms. This synergy amplifies the market for DEXs, derivatives, and more, which feeds back to drive even more capital into this already booming sector of decentralized finance.


Supply: 1Q Max

50% Burned to 500T (similar to Shib)

Team Wallets Burned

No Admin Keys

5% to every wallet per TX

10% DEX liquidity locked per TX

RTR & Platform Revenue

RTR earns revenue from its Defi & NFT metaverse, sending additional wallet and liquidity rewards at every transaction therein.

Status: Rover already has its tokenomics and novel split sale staking built, and partners like CoTrader are looking to join the Rover metaverse with DeFi & NFT funds (coming). Additional partners are onboarding with NFT games.


Hodl auto compounding APY staking is available at a click. This is single-token staking, more similar to the OHM staking model than to DEX LP staking, so it suffers from no impermanent loss.

RGFL — Revenue Generating Fair Launch

Token & Sale Info


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