RGFL — Revenue Generating Fair Launch

RGFL — refund anytime, multiply liquidity, fund project & reward holders

RTR — Rover’s RGFL & Rovlection Transaction Rewards token

RGFL & Rovflection Flow Chart

  1. 50/50 DEX-OLGE Split
  2. 50/50 OLGE-APY Split // Optional APY split. No Impermanent Loss (single sided stake)
  3. 50/50 LD-Ops Split // Split to fund dev ops vs additional LD
  4. Rovflection // Optional tokenomics. Gives 5% to LD & holders in reflection + sends 1% to DAO & 1% to burn. Unlike typical reflection, it can additionally send directly to e.g. dao and burn addresses, and not only via a multiplier.

Rover Fetch — One Click RGFL

The 50/50 RGFL Split

  1. Increases LD by 5x more than its reflection tokenomics alone
  2. Adds 25% more LD every transaction, meaning a 5x high LD/price growth rate
  3. Yields 4x improvement to LD/price growth in fair launch while funding dev for 50/50 split.

50/50 RGFL Flow by Buy/LD Ratio

Rover Fetch — 1 Click Total DeFi




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